[ROG II] ROG Kunai Gamepad


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  • The ROG Kunai Gamepad can be used independently in each hand, offer your best game experience.
  • Convert Between Gamepad & Handheld Modes.
  • The controller is split into two halves that can be attached to the phone, or slid into a holder grip for couch gaming.
  • The holder adds two extra triggers, two grip buttons, and five function buttons (on top of everything on the controllers).
  • Last for 8 hours on a single charge. You can connect it to the phone via Bluetooth or wired Type-C.
  • Operation: Attach the controllers to the ROG Phone, you first have to put the phone in the Kunai Bumper case, then slide the controllers onto each side.
  • Note: the controllers can’t function outside of the holder/phone, as they don’t have internal batteries.

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