1. Are there any restrictions for setting my password ?

Your password can consist of alphanumeric characters, and underscore. we suggest a password of 6 to 16 characters.

2. What can i do if i forget my password?

Click LOGIN Button to redirect to login form, then click forgot my password below login button, Fill up with your email address and verification code (dont forget your verification code). changes password will proceed into your email account.

3. How can i change my account password ?

Check your email account and click receive reset password.

4. What payment option does ASUS Store accept?

Cash on Delivery only

5. How can I check my order status?

Please LOGIN first and click My Account – My Order to look up the latest order status after you have successfully placed an order.

6. Why can’t i find my orders?

You may have entered an email address when you logged in which may be different from the email address you have entered for your purchase.

7. What are the available delivery options?

ASUS Store only provides “door to door” delivery.

8. Can i change my delivery address after I have placed an order?

Yes, you may change your delivery address before the order has been dispatched. To change the delivery address, go to My Account -> Click Edit Address to change your delivery address.

9. When will I receive a receipt/invoice after I have place an order?

Asus Store will provide the receipt/invoice with the item product that your ordered.

10. Can i request a specific item name to be shown on the receipt/invoice?

No, we do not allow any changes to the items names.

11. If I have any product-related questions after purchase, who shall I contact?

If the item is still under warranty, please contact us click this -> link

12. How long is the warranty coverage?

Warranty coverage , 1 Year official Warranty

13. How do I contact Asus Store Customer Service Team?

If you have a question regarding your order contact us

our phone lines are open

Monday – Friday, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM